Neti Pot


Neti pot is an instrument that is quite frequently used by those, who suffer from chronic sinus problems. Though there are lots of ways of practising nasal irrigation, only this pot is regarded to be one of the most effective.
Helping to get rid of mucous and dirt from the nose, it is beneficial for people, who are sick and tired of sinus problems, which frequently include facial pain, headache and blocked nasal passages. Such pots are available at many drug, health food and online stores.

Top Benefits of Neti Pots

Plastic, ceramic and metal pots have openings to pour water in and a spout that is used for pouring it out. Its appearance resembles a tea pot.

Main benefits:

Using the pot, one decreases congestion in the sinus cavities. The salty solution is effective in washing the excess mucus out of nasal passages and eliminating sinus infections.
Those, who use these pots on a regular basis report that their allergy symptoms and cold get diminished and they feel better comparatively faster.
Consistent users have fewer sinus headaches.

Who Recommends Neti Pots?

Neti pots are frequently recommended by throat, nose and ear surgeons for those patients, who have undergone sinus surgery in order to clean away all the crusting in nasal passages. Such instruments help patients to relieve sinus symptoms only if they are used together with other sinus treatment options.
The solution in the pot works with cilia (tiny, hair-like structures) that reside inside sinus and nasal cavities. Usually they wave back and forth in order to push mucus either to the throat’s back (where it is swallowed) or to the nose (where it should be blown out). The solution in the pot increases and greatly improves cilia’s coordination, speeding up the improvement of their coordination and removing irritants like allergens.

How to Use a Neti Pot ?

After the pot is filled with a proper solution, hold it in your hand and stand near a wash basin or a sink. Tilt your head to one side (at about 45 degrees) and put the spout on nostrils. Pour the solution in one nostril. It will come out from another one. If it happens so that the water goes inside the throat, spit it out.
After the procedure blow the nostrils to let the remaining water come out and repeat the same procedure with another nostril.
While doing the procedure, continuously breathe through your mouth. Make sure water doesn’t drain into your mouth.

See here more information about neti pot

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