Basics of Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

Post nasal drip refers to the sticky excess mucus that flows slowly down the back of the throat or nose. The condition is in itself very uncomfortable and disturbing, and worse still when it results in bad breath. The mucus in this case is unhealthy or diseased and is characterized by an unusual thickness and a discoloration. In normal instances, mucus is usually very clear. In case of an infection which causes post nasal drip, the mucus turn white or green and often cause bad breath.
post nasal drip bad breath
What Causes the Condition?

Post nasal drip bad breath occurs when the bacteria in the mouth, especially behind the tongue, come into contact with the proteins present in the mucus. The protein molecules are then broken down into sulfur compounds which emit the foul smell. Also useful information about post nasal drip bad breath on

The bad breath can also be as a result of the collection of dead cells and debris that accumulate in the tonsil and tonsillar crypts. This collection leads to the formation of pale tonsiloliths which develop into stone like substances that are commonly known as tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are a prime harbor for bacteria, providing the food they need to thrive. The good news is that tonsiloliths can be dislodged, although they have a high tendency of recurring in most patients.

Signs and Symptoms of Post Nasal Bad Breath

Apart from the bad breath, post nasal drip is also characterized by other symptoms. They include:

1. Constant clogging at the back of the throat caused by excess mucus, mostly white or light green/yellow in color. There is the constant need to gag and spit in order to get rid of it.

2. A foul taste that originates from the back of the mouth, filling the mouth with a constant sour taste.

3. The tongue is covered in a white coating as a result of the excess mucus.

4. A dry mouth can also occur especially when the nose is clogged and you have to breathe through the mouth.

5. Tonsil stones occur occasionally and are very small in most cases.

6. The mouth may feel numb and unable to taste some foods.

Is the Condition Curable?

Post nasal drip can only be truly cured after treating the underlying condition. In the mean time, there are a number of practices which offer considerable relief for post nasal drip bad breath. Sample the following:

1. Good oral hygiene which ensures that the mouth is clean and free from aerobic bacteria. Apart from brushing, the tongue and gums should be cleaned too as they also harbor bacteria.

2. Drink enough water to keep the mouth moist and prevent a dry mouth, which is a prime breeding ground for aerobic bacteria.

3. Post nasal drip can be treated using antihistamines and decongestants.

4. Get a dental check-up every 6 months or so to help detect any problems early enough.

Post nasal drip should not be ignored as it can lead to tonsil stones. Measures should be taken to slow down the secretion of excess mucus. Eventually, the underlying problem should be looked into to treat the problem for good.
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